Lifestyle meets Sustainability with the Triad 750 Personal Electric Vehicle

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Lifestyle meets Sustainability with the Triad 750 Personal Electric Vehicle: By Triad Motion

On a global scale there is a steady momentum of people of all demographics being more socially responsible on a personal level, which includes being less wasteful of natural resources and energy. The Triad 750 from Triad Motion is the highest quality, most powerful, “best in class” personal electric vehicle of its kind. We have kids as young as 7 who use them for fun, and yes, folks even in their 90’s using them for their individual lifestyle needs. The Triad 750 fits many people’s needs for personal transportation. It is an affordable alternative, delivers the highest ROI to retailers, makes all kinds of customers happy everyday, and offers the best value to the end user for many years of performance and dependable reliability compared to any other “similar looking” product.

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The retail purchasing trend indicates people of all kinds, all ages, and all ranges of health, making educated decisions towards a better matching of transportation types with the minimum requirements for a particular trip – instead of the maximum requirements. So now you are seeing more and more people using the Triad 750 personal electric vehicle, and less instances of a single person in a 7-seater full size SUV commuting to and from work or making short trips in the neighborhood to the bank, grocery store and post office, etc.

The Triad 750 personal electric vehicle is an excellent option over walking longer distances or trying to peddle a bike in a business suit. The Triad 750 personal electric vehicle is often times even faster than taking a car especially in congested cities and towns. Triad electric vehicles are certainly more economical considering the price of city parking, fines, fuel and insurance relating to most gas-guzzlers, so the personal electric transportation market is expanding rapidly. They can easily be transported and are able to board public transportation buses, trains, and planes.

The Triad 750 offers the widest demographic of any personal electric vehicle for retail sales. Consumers range from young urban commuters who use public transportation, to baby boomers and pensioners looking to maintain their independence and increase their outdoor activities to maintain an active lifestyle. Many customers also include anyone in medical recoveries, or for those with physical challenges who need a powerful electric scooter and want something fun, and sporty that feels young at heart.

Visit us online at Triad Motion .com

The demographic of people buying Triad Electric Vehicles are overwhelmingly are all types of people because they are a fun, cool way to get out, be seen and increase or maintain an active lifestyle.

For more information on the Triad 750 personal electric vehicle visit us online at or call 855-648-7423 (855-64-TRIAD)


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