Triad Electric Vehicles is committed to manufacturing and distributing the highest possible quality electric vehicle for personal use. For information on pricing or retail locations closest to you please contact us at sales@triadmotion.com or call 1-855-64-TRIAD  (855-648-7423).

Triad Electrical Vehicles is the leader in custom manufacturing the highest quality personal electric vehicles and we are committed to producing only the best and most innovative, longest lasting, most durable, environmentally friendly vehicles.

For more information please visit http://triadmotion.com today.

Triad Motion Email: sales@triadmotion.com  Call: 855-648-7423   http://triadmotion.com

The Triad 750 is the highest quality, lightest weight, most powerful, most reliable, #personal electric transporter of its kind. Full 1 year parts replacement policy with service staff, unlike all our competitors. The 67 lb. Triad 750 personal electric vehicle is the best value and most affordable 3 wheel personal electric scooter for adults.

Dependable, economical and easy to use the Triad 750 three-wheeled electric scooter ideal for short commutes, hotel resorts, recreation, gated communities, police and security, college campuses, RV owners and anyone looking for for a fun way to increase their independence and personal mobility. Electric Scooters fro sale, Triad Electric Vehicles, Personal Mobility Transporter.

For more information on the Triad 750 personal electric vehicle visit us online at http://triadmotion.com or call 855-648-7423 (855-64-TRIAD)

Triad Motion


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